Thanks All of our primary staff from Harris All-Through academies are masters of their craft! training 🙌🏼


Kung Fu punctuation! Can't wait to see this in classrooms! Not just good fun, but an excellent teaching tool!


It's important that schools give children immersive experiences. we'll get creative!


Mr Butcher is glad it's lunchtime!


Enlightening ideas about Shakespeare’s tragedies from from at the English INSET. Thank you for your words of wisdom!


A fantastic INSET on safeguarading delivered by


She's fab! We'll look after her for you!


All-through primary phase staff are raring to go! Writing focused training with


Published playwright and director inspiring the next potential generation of writers at our


I want to be... Archie and Jacob are finding out what it takes to become a paramedic with


Harris Garrard students from years 5-13 taking their future into their own hands at our


Catherine from the Ask Project giving sound advice to our students on which type of work experience will help them gain an apprenticeship!


Fantastic to see our students making inquiries into how to apply for courses


Getting ready for our Careers Fair. Thank you to all the fantastic professionals for joining us.


Year 5 are studying the length of their shadows. The children had fun drawing around their shadows and measuring their lengths during the day. At 9.20am one shadow was over 7 meters! See more examples of great learning at


Well done to all our students who graduated from the fantastic Scholars Programme this month, in a ceremony . We're proud of you all . Find out more


Our sixth formers visited the Vatican City on day one of their trip to Rome


Early start for our sixth form embarking on their 3 day trip to ! More news to follow!


Saturday morning learning for Miss Burke and Mrs Chandhoke Civic Offices!


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Great Learning - Some Examples

We're really proud of the work our primary school students produce. To give you an idea of the standard of their homework and classwork we'll be adding examples here throughout the year. See also examples of work by our secondary students.

Studying my own shadow

Year 5 studied the length of their shadows throughout the school day. The children had great fun drawing around the shadows and measuring the length. The first measurement of a shadow at 9.20 am was over 7 meters! They noticed that the shadows are long in the morning and get shorter towards the middle of the day.


"So you are going to eat me?"

In Year 4, children have creating playscripts based on a chapter from the BFG.

Play 1

"The lush palm trees were dancing in the tropical breeze"

Simisola, Year 6, has written a description of a setting, based on Kensuke’s island, from the book Kensuke's Kingdom.

Kensuke 1

Persuasive writing

A persuasive leaflet from Matilda in Van Gogh class, Year 5. She has used various features to sell 'Warcraft', our Hero's favourite game from our core text, Cosmic.

Scanner 20190208 082245

Pig, Wig, Dig

In Reception Class this week, we have been looking at rhyming words in our literacy time. Now that we can sound out and spell some words, we have looked at what words sound the same. Here is Renee and Dollie-Mae showing there rhyming and writing skills at our phonics table. Well-done reception classes for fantastic learning this week.

Rhyme 1

Ryhme 3

Ryhme 2

Practical science (with chocolate)

Year 4 have been learning about states of matter. They took part in exploratory science by melting and solidifying chocolate, predicting the temperature at which ice melts, using thermometers and making water cycles in a bag. The children really enjoyed their practical.

Science 2

Science 1

A Portrait of Queen Victoria

This stunning portrait of Queen Victoria was created by Zachary of Monet class, Year 1.

Scanner 20190204 135013

'So-mi' melodies

In Year 2 we have been learning how to follow musical notation to perform so-mi melodies that we know.

So Mi melodies

Different types of mountains

Khaleed in Van Gogh class, Year 5, created this beautiful Geography work about different types of mountains.

Scanner 20190204 082235

White Bear and Fred fingers

In Degas Class, Year 1, we have been reading The Princess and the White Bear King. Children have been learning to write a character description about the White Bear King using adjectives as well as joining their ideas together using ‘and’. Andreea has used her
Fred fingers to write. Fred fingers is a technique children learn to break words down into separate sounds.

Screenshot 2019 02 05 09.36.10

A letter to a friend

Picasso class, Year 3, wrote this letter as part of their literacy learning.

Picasso 5.2.19

What do I have faith in?

In RE this week we have been learning about faith. We have discussed the definition of faith, what faith means to us and what we have faith in. Shanyce, from Haring class, Year 6, has written this lovely piece explaining the things in which she has faith.



Tosin from Warhol class, Year 6, has sorted images into a Evolutionary Taxonomy Diagram as part of his science learning. Very impressive!

Pic 2

It's about time

In Reception Class this week, we have been looking at time in our Maths sessions. The children have been looking at how to tell the o’clock and half past on an analogue clock. They made their own clocks to represent the times. Here is Caley, Desire and John showing how we make our clocks. Well done reception class fantastic learning this week.

Time 1

Time 2

Time 4

Time 3

Two note melodies

Here are Malcolm and Destiny from Picasso class, Year 3. They have been learning how to read two note melodies that use 'so' and 'mi'. In their pairs they had to take in turns to sing one of the melodies on the board while the other person worked out which melody they were singing.

Two note melodies

And here are the melodies they were singing.

Two note 2

Why we warm up muscles

Year 3 have been learning about the structure of muscles. Did you know that when one muscle contracts that another relaxes? In PE we learn about how important it is to warm our muscles up; if not, like an elastic bad, they’ll snap! Children made a model of a muscle to show how they work.


Multiples of 10p

Kahlo class, Year 2, have been adding and subtracting multiples of 10p, and writing a set of instructions about how to clean a scrubbing brush. Here's some lovely work by Mason (maths) and Amira (English).

Multiple of 10p

Kahlo 1   Scrubbing brush

Hot seating helps writing in character

Tireni, Year 6, has written a diary entry from the perspective of Kensuke, a character in Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. Children used hot seating (answering questions in role) to imagine what it was like to be the character before starting their writing.

Kensuke 31.1.19

Water cycle

Year 4 have produced this very informative poster about the water cycle. They used their creativity to make it 3D and annotated it, using all the knowledge they have learnt.

Water Cycle

Handwriting and Victorian toys

Year 2 have been working really hard this week to improve their handwriting. Here are two examples: Jack has written some instructions on how to wash a scrubbing brush, and Bobby-Lee has written about Victorian toys. Excellent!

Victorian Toys


"Writing my own play"

Picasso Class, Year 3, have been learning to write a play script based on the Mama Panya's Pancakes story. Here's Gbemisola's fantastic work. Well done!

Writing my own play

Catching the bad guys

In Reception Class this week we have been looking at the police as part of our ‘People Who Help Us’ theme. On our topic table, the children have been looking at a book called ‘Cops and Robbers.’ They have been making wanted posters for robbers and creating their own stories. Here is Dollie-Mae’s wanted poster; she chose to turn her friend Ronny into the robber who steals the class’s treasure. She has drawn him and the police chasing him. Well done Dollie-Mae for making the poster to help catch the bad guys :-).


All about space

Roshni and Khaleed, Year 5, produced this beautiful non-chronological report, all about space!

Space wonders

The value of coins

In Degas Class, Year 1, we've been learning to recognise the value of coins and sort them into carroll diagrams. Children have also been learning to add small amounts of money using the coins, making sure they add the value of the coins not the number of coins they have!

Maths 31.1.19

Kensuke's diary

In English, we have been writing diary entries in the voice of Kensuke, from Michael Morpurgo's book, Kensuke's Kingdom. Here's one lovely example, by Nana, Year 6.


We have also been using the five senses to enhance the description of settings and events.

Decimal misconceptions

Year 6 have been learning how to add, subtract, multiply and divide decimals, as this very neat work by Adeshinayo shows. We have also been looking at common misconceptions when solving decimal calculations.


Ronnie, Warhol Class (Year 6) has been learning about decimals and solving problems involving all four operations.

Maths 23.1.19

Inspired by the ponga plant

Year 5 created some stunning Koru paintings, inspired by Maori art and the unfurling ponga plant of New Zealand.


Kenya and UK

Picasson Class, Year 3, have been learning to write a non-chronological report comparing Kenya and London, as part of their literacy work. These lovely pieces are by Gbemisola and Jefferey.



The state of matter

Children in Year 4 are learning how to use and read a thermometer accurately in science as part of their States of Matter topic.

Hollie and Barak

Which book are Year 2 reading?

Year 2’s topic this term is toys. Can you guess which book they have been reading from this excellent piece of writing?

Scanner 20190111 175700

It's not chronological...

Year 3 identify the features of a non-chronological report in their English lesson.

Great work

The Quran

Year 4 have been learning about the Quran.

RE 150119

Joining two sentences

During English, Amira in Year 2 (Kahlo Class) was able to use co-ordinating conjunctions to join two sentences together when writing about our new book, Traction Man. Amira took great care with her presentation and really thought about her handwriting. Fantastic work!

Kahlo work 14.1

Cinderella's character

We have been doing character descriptions of Cinderella this week. This work is by Micheline in Monet Class, Year 1.




We have been learning about fraction equivalents and their representations this week. Here's some great work by Nana, Year 4.

Maths 150119

In Year 1, children have been learning about position and using the vocabulary ‘above’, ‘below’, ‘left’, and ‘right’ to describe the position of objects.

Maths 2 150119 (2)

"We're learning Mandarin"

Year 5 have been working on their Mandarin. Why not download some examples of their work.

Kensuke's Kingdom

Year 6 have started reading Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. The father has come up with the idea of the family sailing the world for a year! In class we planned balanced arguments to decide whether or not the family should embark on this adventure of a lifetime.


Alex, Warhol Class,Year 6


Agneza, Haring Class, Year 6

X-ray skeletons

We identified and named the bones in the body and explained their functions. We have use the x-ray photos to build a skeleton. We labelled the bones in the x-ray.

Xray 22.1.19

Joshua has created an x-ray copy for our home learning on Science.

Picasso 1

Some of Year 3 Picasso’s 2D Skeletons from home learning

Picasso 2

Picasso 3

Our solar system

Year 5 have turned their notetaking and research from last week into a non chronological report about the Solar System.

HLearning wk 2 spring

This project on the solar system by Kurda and Faozan was completed as part of their home learning project. The children were asked to research the topic of space, which links with our literacy and science topic for this half term.

Home learning  Faozan and Kurda

Year 5 Home Learning on Space

Space 2

Our Christmas holiday homework gave the children in Mondrian class a chance to show their parents all they had learnt during the term. Download Cynthia's fantastic work. Cynthia worked hard at her maths addition challenge and with help from mum and dad has made a velcro Christmas tree to do her sums on. She continues to improve her writing skills and her lovely Santa’s sack shows this. Well done Cynthiah.

Maya culture and art

Year 4 have started learning about the Maya culture in History. For example, we have been learning about the Mayan Gods and the roles they played in the lives of the Maya people.

Mayan 22.1.19

In Art they created their own Mayan masks, linked to the designs used by the ancient civilisation.


Maya 2

Home learning

In preparation for our Spring Term, over the Christmas holidays we asked children in Miro class to make a model of either a human skeleton or a model of a balanced meal that we should eat to keep us healthy. Every children who brought back their project has earned 5 Harris Points. Download pictures of the children's great work. Well done everyone!

'Making our own instruments'

Children in Renoir class brought in some fantastic homemade musical instruments they made over the half-term. They played their instruments in music lesson, which they enjoyed immensely.

Primary   Home Learning 2

Here they are playing their instruments!

Music 1


Roman poetry

Year 3 poetry about Romans, linked to Boudicca.

Learning 15

Year 3 performance poetry.

Learning 16

Learning 17


This is Hannah in Khalo Class, Year 2, who has been learning to compare fractions.

Learning 13 

Materials in Science

In JP class, Year 2, they have been studying materials in science and this is Kaia’s well thought through write-up of her investigation.

Learning 12

Nice letters!

In Degas Class, Year 1, Sanya has started to respond to her marking and is forming her letters better every week!

Learning 11

Super sentence

Elizabeth in Monet Class, Year 1, has been working hard to form sentences in English and counting on in maths.

Learning 9

Learning 10


Writing full, well-structured texts and developing sections within her English work, Roshni from Van Gogh class, Year 5, has worked hard on her presentation.

Learning 5

Learning 6

Neat calculations

Jesse from Da Vinci class, Year 5, has worked hard to present his calculations neatly and respond to his marking thoughtfully.

Learning 4

Responding to marking

Samantha and Kurda in Da Vinci Class, Year 5, are making sure they always respond to their marking with reflective comments.

Learning 2

Learning 3

Matisse Class

Using first hand sources to help study the past in detail.

Matisse 4.12.18

Year 2, Art

Year 2 have done an art project based on the Great Fire of London. Impressive flames, don't you think?

IMG 4328

Year 4 home learning

Year 4 have been learning about ancient Egypt.

IMG 4308

Hemali, Year 4

Read Hemali's article on Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, and how his invention has changed our lives.

Year 4 Hemali

Jeffrey, Year 2

Jeffrey wrote this excellent piece comparing toys today with those from earlier eras - and says which ones he prefers and why.

Year 2b Jeffrey

Jack, Year 4

Jack has written this letter to Penelope from Odysseus. Jack has tried really hard to use question marks correctly to help create a character's voice. Great work, Jack.

Year 4 161017