Come to the Harris Garrard Academy , Thurs 30th Sept, 5-7.30pm. We look forward to welcoming you. Visit our school, meet our students and teachers, and discover for yourself what makes our school so special.


Come to the Harris Garrard Academy , Thurs 30th Sept, 5-7.30pm, to see our school and meet our students and teachers. Discover for yourself what makes our school so special. We look forward to welcoming you


This week's PE Challenge (press ups!) saw lots of our primary children and staff having a go. Well done to this week's winners - Mason (Year 5), Mr Green and Ms Anderson. We are all looking forward to seeing who will win next week!


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It's great to be out & about in our today! There is some beautiful artwork on show!


Amazing turnout today for the Year 8 boys inter-hub football competition. There was some unbelievable football, with Enterprise scoring one of the best team goals we have ever seen! Congratulations to World Studies who won all their matches.


Fantastic turnout today for the Year 8 girls inter-hub competition. There was lots of talent on show today, every game was amazing to watch. Congratulations to Active Science who came out on top today!


Our sixth form students at an assembly today about and student leadership. Fundamental British Values at HGA


Year 12 students Lydia, Aleyna, Javier, Lujain, Yusuf and Alesandra pictured during their second Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) session. The EQP gives students the opportunity to develop their own enquiry skills


Our Speed Bounce Challenge attracted over 150 attempts from primary children and staff! Everyone had to see how many times they could bounce over the barrier in 30 seconds. Huge well done to those who entered and we look forward to seeing more exciting PE challenges!


Students are signing up for our exciting range of secondary co-curricular clubs, including STEAM Club, Juggling, Volleyball, Japanese, Rock Climbing and Language Club. Parents - watch out for permissions slips coming home this week!


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What an inspiring and motivating day primary, spent learning more about how we can make small changes to gain bigger outcomes on a road to success! Thank you !


Young people in London/Essex - the wants to see your vision of the future! Submit a creative piece exploring life in 96 years’ time– it could be art, a video, a story… anything! Shortlisted entries will be exhibited! For more info visit:


Today our primary and secondary student leadership teams met to present their vision for our academy


Open Mornings and Evening 2021 - come and meet our students and teachers. Full details of our open evening and mornings (including dates and times) are at


Welcome Year 12! Head student, Daniella, introduces herself and her vision for the 6th form.


Well done to all our students celebrating their exam success this year. Kelsey, Quesser and Andy (pictured) achieved 13 grade 9s between them and an impressive collection of other top grades. . Details


Read how the Evening Standard covered the success of one of our students, Christian, after our A Level results were announced today.


We are immensely proud of our A Level and vocational results and outcomes this year. Over 80% of our sixth formers are heading off to university, with a further 6+% of students having won places on competitive apprenticeship programmes. Full details


Harris Garrard Academy has been held up as a model of good practice by Department for Education (DfE) for the way we have adapted our curriculum to help students recover after disruption due to Covid. . Find out more


Our Y11 Leavers did an incredible job of performing their GCSE Speaking and Listening speeches today to inspire all of Year 10 for their drop down day! Well done to all involved!

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Rewards & Behaviour

It is essential that we create an environment where all students feel they belong and are safe where they can thrive as individuals and learners.

This requires establishing appropriate learning-focused relationships where expectations are high and everyone knows the routines and the boundaries.  

Ready, Safe, Respectful 

We know that at the heart of our behaviour expectations are three concepts that must be embedded at all levels for learning to be able to take place. Our mantra, and all of our behaviour conversations with the students, focus on these three key principles:   

Rewards 1

Ready – Students are ready for learning by having good attendance, in full school uniform, determined to do their best and focused to always strive for their full potential.  

Respectful – That respect goes both ways with all our students following the instructions of their adults, listening carefully to those in their classroom, speaking respectfully to peers and adults while showing good manners and kindness to those in our school community. This also means being respectful of our school, keeping it both tidy and clean.  

Safe – We all deserve to feel safe at school. Not only by keeping our hands and feet and unkind words to ourselves but also feeling safe to be ourselves promoting equality and friendship.   

Zones of Regulation  

We understand that students require support in regulating their own behaviours to make sure they can identify the best way to be ready for learning. We therefore use the four zones of regulation to discuss how best students can regulate their feelings to prepare them for their learning time.   

Rewards 2.1

Blue Zone: sad, sick, tired or bored (low state of alertness – brain and/or body is moving slowly or sluggishly).

Green Zone: in control, calm, happy and ready to learn (regulated state of alertness).

Yellow Zone: more intense emotions and states but able to maintain control, worried, frustrated, silly, excited, scared or overwhelmed (heightened state of alertness but you still have some control).

Red Zone: elated, angry, wild, terrified (heightened state of alertness and out of control). 

Rewards 3

Hub Points  

All staff and students are included in our Hub System to help build team spirit and add a competitive nature to the students across year groups and classes. Through the in-class behaviour system, students can be awarded Hub Points for meeting our Ready, Respectful, Safe values. They can also be awarded Hub Points by members of SLT as well as for attendance and for being a Star of the Week.  

Hub Points are celebrated weekly during Celebration Assemblies and through corridor displays to keep students aware of how their hub is performing. Each hub also has a ‘Head of Hub’ who runs events and co-ordinates the hub. Students work towards receiving extra playtime as a collaborative reward. They also accumulate Hub Points on an individual basis and these lead to being entered into a raffle to win a prize each term.  

Attendance Awards 

To celebrate those students who are able to keep 100% attendance, students are able to work towards the following awards: 

  • Bronze: HGA Shield – 1 Term of 100% Attendance 
  • Silver: HGA Shield – 2 Terms of 100% Attendance 
  • Gold: HGA Shield – 3 Terms of 100% Attendance 

These can then be worn for the next term to celebrate this success and are handed out during Celebration Assemblies.   

Stars of the Week  

In Reception, certificates are awarded to Reader, Independent Learner and Mark Maker of the Week in class. These certificates are taken home with the child. 

In KS1 and KS2 during Celebration Assemblies, the time is given for teachers to select and celebrate the behaviour, work or accomplishments of one student in their class. These students receive a hand-written certificate from the leader of the Celebration Assembly and 5 Hub Points. These certificates are taken home with the student.