Congratulations to Active Science who take the flag pole for this half term. They the leading hub for Harris Points. Well done everyone whose hard work is earning those points, even from home!


“As an Academy we are here for you and as the HGA community we will stand strongest together.” See the Head of Academy’s weekly update here


are offering remote work experience placements to give students the chance to try out industries they are interested in. Please apply as soon as possible to have the best chance of success. Find out more


’s first weekly Live Cook-a-long DT Lesson went well today! Join us every week at 12:00pm to see Mr Sheppard in the kitchen. We didn’t think the pancakes would turn out so well!


Do you need more data to help you study? The government has launched a scheme to temporarily increase data allowances for mobile phone users on certain networks. Find out if you could benefit, and how to apply through the school, at


Our 'Listening Ear' service is available to all families and students from Harris Garrard Academy. We are open 11am-1pm (by appointment only) every weekday during lockdown. You are not alone during this difficult time. Find out more


Please see our Covid-19 Updates page for the latest details of start of term arrangements for Primary and Secondary students. Thank you as ever for your cooperation.


We would like to wish you a restful break over this very different holiday season. Please remember there are lots of services that are open over the holidays should you or your family require additional support. Please see


We're proud to publish our December 2020 newsletter, for both our primary and secondary phases, with stories from across this term. We hope you enjoy reading it!


Sydney, Year 7, has come 1st in the competition for this fabulous picture. Her art, which won the secondary school category, was inspired by a number of artists who were aiming to express diversity in their work. We're very proud of her!


Consultation opens today on our admissions arrangements for 2022-23. Please visit the link below for details and to give your views. The consultation ends on 13th January. Thank you.


We are consulting on our admissions arrangements for 2022-23. Your views are welcome. Please find full details at Thank you.


We loved Rukiat's poem, "I Am The Black Child", which he wrote for our Black History Month competition. Rukiat, Year 9, won first prize in the writing category. See all the winners at


Well done to Judith, Year 9, for winning 1st place in the art category of our competition. Great drawing and a strong message too. See all the winners at


Today we were proud to stand in silence around our school's wall of poppies to remember those who gave their lives for us, and the importance of peace and unity


The end of another wonderful week of learning at Harris Garrard at the end of the 🌈!


We enjoyed seeing this today... 🌈


Dear students, we hope you have a restful half term from Fri. If you have any emotional concerns or worries over the holiday, remember you can get support from . It’s free, safe and easy to use. Watch the video below to find out more


Announcement Winter PE Kit - A Quick Reminder for Parents


The first of our Days this year takes place on Fri 9th Oct, for years 7-11. Activities on offer include sessions on relaxation, coping strategies, reframing negative thinking and the beauty of being unique! Find out more

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Key Stage 4 Options

If your child/ward is in Year 9, they will be starting their GCSE options in September 2021, which is very exciting.

The process for this starts now, which can feel scary for students. We want to assure students that they will get a lot of support from their teachers and Leadership Team throughout the process, regardless of the current lockdown.

Below we set out all the support we offer, as well as a clear timeline of events in the order they will occur. Should you have any specific questions regarding options for next year, please contact Kristen Gringeri, Vice Principal at

Compulsory study and available options

At Harris Garrard Academy, all students follow courses in certain core areas, but there is choice for the remaining subjects. The subjects which are compulsory to study are:

  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Combined Science
  • Spanish
  • PE

In addition to these, you can select three more subjects to study. You may select one subject from each option block, below:

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

PE Option

GCSE History

GCSE Geography

GCSE Triple Science

BTEC Business


BTEC Health & SC GCSE Sociology

GCSE Computer Sci

GCSE Art & Design

GCSE Food Tech

GCSE Product Design

BTEC Music

GCSE Drama

GCSE Dance

GCSE Religious Studies

National Curriculum PE




BTEC Sport


A timeline of events can be seen below, so you can see the types of guidance students will receive over the year.

Options 1

Options bookletStage One – Survey and Options Booklet

Students had an individual session with their tutor in December 2020 about how to use the Options Booklet to help them pick options. This was an important part of the process.

Then, over Christmas, students were encouraged to reflect and discuss with family members. After the holiday, students will have another individual session with their tutors on MS Teams to discuss their booklets.

Students receive careful and individualised guidance from staff here at the academy to help with their choices.

Click HERE to download our Options Booklet, created by the lead teachers for each subject.

Stage Two – Options Assembly and Website Launch

In January you will have an assembly lead by Miss Gringeri, Vice Principal, to explain your options. This will be virtual, and pre-recorded. The assembly will include:

  • The subjects we offer
  • Our options for PE
  • Triple science
  • Timeline of events
  • Support you will be given
  • How to choose your options
  • This part of the website!

Stage Three – Careers Advisor and Parent Consultation

We wanted all of our Year 9 students to have a one-to-one meeting with our Careers Advisor in February. We will plan to have these in March 2021, when the school is hopefully re-opened.

We will have a parent consultation evening in February, so that parents have an opportunity to ask questions about options and for us to explain the process. More info on the consultation evening to follow.

Stage Four – Leadership Team Meetings and Option Selection

At this stage students will have had a lot of support and we will be arranging a one-to-one meeting for every child in Year 9 with a member of our senior and middle leadership team, who will be able to answer any questions students may have.

In these meetings students will choose their options. We will follow up with parents by confirming their child/ward’s choices by formal letter.

If you have any questions regarding options, please contact Kristen Gringeri, Vice Principal at