🎉 Excited to kick off our culture evening with standing room only to celebrate the different cultures of our student community through dance, music, and so much more! Let's embrace and enjoy the rich diversity of our school. 🌍💃🎶


🎄✨ This week, the festive spirit has taken over Harris Garrard Academy! Our students and staff enjoyed a delightful lunchtime of festive dancing, getting everyone in the holiday mood. Wishing everyone a wonderful and festive time ahead! 🎅🕺💃


Lunchtime! 🥪


The last pic, a seemingly decrepit old computer? This was the world's first web server, marking the very beginning of what we know today as the World Wide Web. It first went online over 25 years ago at CERN, laying the foundation for the development of the internet as we know it.


Mr. Adams has unapologetically taken the liberty of sharing some nerdy and amazing photos from the computer section at the Science Museum! From technological innovations to really nerdy stuff, our Year 8 students are having a blast exploring the world of science and technology.


🦖 While Year 8 is exploring the wonders of science at the Science Museum, another group is stepping back in time at the Natural History Museum! They've even spotted a T-Rex dressed as Santa. Who said learning can't be festive? 🎅


🔬 Year 8 are off to the Science Museum today as part of our character education program! We're excited for them to explore the wonders of science and technology. Stay tuned for updates on their educational adventure. 🚀


Last Week our Indoor Athletics team took part in the Finals. The team performed excellently, winning the event and now have the opportunity to represent Bexley at the in February. Huge congratulation to the team and


Continuing the celebration of our talented students and the Christmas spirit at HGA, here are more highlights from our festive performances! 🎄🎶 Our talent show contestants truly shone, delivering heartwarming renditions of Christmas classics.


Our musicians at HGA never disappoint! Considering Christmas is approaching, a performance of Christmas songs by our music students and talent show contestants left us in awe. HGA has got the Christmas spirit!🎄❄️


Our year 11's got a special treat today - a virtual tour of , the UK's national synchrotron science facility!💡Students saw the impressive particle accelerators up close. 📸 We're so glad our students could experience this cutting-edge science, even remotely!


There were some outstanding individual performances during thefinal of our yr5/6 Sports Hall Athletics competition today. Well done to all the pupils involved & sports leaders for officiating👏🥇 🥈 🥉


And the finalists!



The shortlist…



Calling all future historians! 🏰 Our Year 7B Hi1 students created incredible Motte and Bailey castles, demonstrating their understanding of King William's England. Bravo, young minds!


Heat 3 of the SHA took place with 5 schools competing for a place in next weeks final. Congratulations to who finished in 1st place & well done to all who took part👏Thank you to for officiating at the event 🙏



Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office

















Student Leadership

At Harris Garrard Academy, all students from the primary, secondary and Sixth Form phases can exercise their democratic rights and elect a student leadership team.

Through our student leadership team, every student will have a voice in the running of the academy, and a chance to bring about positive change. In addition, representatives will form four sub-committees to guide developments and improvements within the school: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion; Eco-committee; Pastoral, Attendance and Behaviour; Teaching and Learning (including Digital).

Each secondary tutor group and primary class holds a mini election to choose their class representative. The positions of Head Student, Vice Head Student and Hub Captain are open to our sixth formers, who put themselves forward as candidates and must take part in hustings, before an election being held across the whole school. Candidates must also undergo an interview with the Head of Academy.

Our student leadership team 2022-23

Student Leaders (2)

A message from our student leaders

Yusuf, Head Student

At Harris Garrard Academy, we pride ourselves on student involvement in the leadership ladder, which is truly reflected through the role of Head Student. My name is Yusuf and I am the Head Student of the academy. I am currently studying A Level Maths, Chemistry and Economics with hopes of studying clinical pharmacology at a top-level university. I have been at the academy since the age of five.

To me, being Head Student of the academy means I am essentially the bridge between students and teachers. I aim to play an active role in helping students find the necessary help that they require as some may not know where or who to go to. I also aspire to create a sense of community within the school, especially the Sixth Form, which I believe I can do through my friendly and approachable attitude.

I cannot express how proud I am to be Head Student of this academy and work alongside the brilliant leadership team to ensure that students feel safe and also so students feel proud to come to this academy every day.

Yusuf, Head Student

Aleyna, Vice Head Student

My name is Aleyna and I am currently a Vice Head Student at Harris Garrard Academy, Sixth Form. I am undertaking English Literature, Sociology and Business A Level and I aspire to do Law at university.

In addition, over the last five years that I have spent at HGA, I have come to understand many things including responsibility, hard work and commitment. During my time at Sixth Form, I was fortunate enough to see the beneficial aspects such as smaller class sizes, essential study areas and supportive teachers which allowed me to always reach my full potential.

Being within this Sixth Form has enabled me to gather many opportunities such as online work experience, one week law work experience at a law firm, and guidance for UCAS. This, therefore, allows me to feel prepared to take on the significant and demanding nature of this role in order to help and support the younger years below us.

I think that what matters most about being part of the growing Sixth Form is the bonds that we build which I believe are crucial for the environment that we are in. This allows us as individuals to be surrounded by positivity. Furthermore, what I would like to work on for the future of the Sixth Form is to build support for the mental wellbeing of the students and have committees in place. I believe these new additions will allow us to build a thriving atmosphere that will enable students to achieve their full potential.

Aleyna, Vice Head Student

Ola, Vice Head Student

Hi, I would like to welcome you to the Harris Garrard Academy Sixth Form. Our vision for the Sixth Form is ‘’creating well-rounded, happy and successful individuals who pride themselves on their life and academic successes.’’

My name is Ola, and I am a Vice Head Student at Harris Garrard Academy. I study Biology, Chemistry and Maths; I have huge aspirations and ambitions to become a doctor in the future. In the Sixth Form I value the close, family-like community and university guidance. To me what matters most is having ambition and passion for something in life and working hard towards that goal. During my time as a Vice Head student, I wish to help others to gain confidence and prioritise their mental health but also reach their full academic potential and dreams.

Ola, Vice Head Student

Student leaders board


  • Yusuf Kazimoto (Head Student)
  • Aleksandra Kosicka (Vice Head Student)
  • Aleyna Artuc (Vice Head Student)


  • Daniella Osindeinde (Head Student)
  • Alfie Davies (Vice Head Student)
  • Esther Nwosu  (Vice Head Student)