THANK YOU to all our parents, students and teachers who have been so amazing in the past couple of weeks, as we've transformed ourselves into a virtual school. Our building may be closed to most students, but our school community continues to make sure that


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Join me, Chris Bradford, author of the Young Samurai and Bodyguard series for a virtual author visit like no other on Friday 10th April 2020 at 10am GMT!


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You should only send your child to school on Monday if you have to, because your work is critical to our COVID-19 response. If you are able to keep your child at home, you should.


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A busy library today as our students ensure they have plenty of reading material to keep them busy over the closure period!


Key worker parents - please see this important information on our website. Thank you.


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So so proud of the Y11s I worked with today who, despite all the uncertainty, still came in, still wanted to do the mock paper we planned, still want our feedback. You are amazing! 💪🤩🙌


Dear Parents/Carers, In the light of the dynamic and changing nature of the situation regarding coronavirus Covid-19, we have created a remote working support area on our website for secondary pupils. Find out more


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A-may-zing!!! LONDON Youth Games in three sports- netball, basketball and rugby; super proud of our Thamesmead Titans!!


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To celebrate World Book Day, Year 8 had a fantastic time today in creative writing workshops and assemblies led by published author - well done Jake and Amy for winning a free signed copy of Reni's book! Thanks for coming in Reni!


Students raised £182 for through a Readathon earlier this term, to help buy new books for every major children’s hospital in the UK. “There are people out there who don't have books,” said Leila, Year 4. "I love reading so it was a fun way to raise money.”


Our six student Wellbeing Ambassadors visited the primary phase yesterday to talk to younger students about and . Well done to our ambassadors Kai, Amandeep, Rubie, Mia, Kimari and Sonnie. Read more

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















“Careers education is about inspiration and aspiration as much as advice.”

Welcome to the careers page at Harris Garrard Academy. The world has changed greatly in the last 20 years with many people working in jobs today that simply didn’t exist when their parents left education. The idea of a ‘job for life’ has disappeared. What’s important is to recognise these exciting new opportunities that are available and to gain the knowledge, skills and expertise that will enable you to work in those areas.

At Harris Garrard Academy we believe a good quality Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) Programme increases the aspirations and achievement of every student and supports our core vision “learning changes lives”. At an early age child are exposed to careers and work-related information that develops their sense of enquiry not only about careers and higher/further education but also about their individual skills and aptitudes.

Read our latest news stories about careers. Download our higher education booklets below.

Our careers vision

The vision of our careers team is that students will leave our academy with the drive and ambition to accomplish their chosen career pathway, and that the will become ambitious, successful, caring citizens equipped with the confidence and skills capable of making decisions in any given situation.

How can our parents/carers support our careers programme?

We recognise that parents/carers come from many different work backgrounds and can also contribute to helping our students make informed decisions. Therefore, if you are able to offer some time to deliver an occupational talk, host a stand at our annual careers fair, or are able to take a student for a work experience placement we would eagerly welcome you contacting Youlande Harrowell on 020 8320 4800 or

How do we prepare students for the future?

Harris Garrard Academy understands that all students need to prepare themselves for progression through learning and education into adulthood. We aim to prepare students for life after school by providing information on the ever-changing future occupations and progression routes to sixth form, college, university or work/apprenticeships.

We are committed to providing a varied programme of activities for all students from Early Years Foundation Stage to Year 13 and beyond. Various careers-related opportunities are provided via a number of different methods such as:

  • assemblies
  • tutor time programme
  • careers fairs
  • Character Days
  • practise careers interviews
  • career workshops
  • trips to employers and universities
  • and visiting speakers.

The academy utilises the expertise of the Harris Federation Careers Advisor who supports students on a regular basis either during drop in sessions or also for booked appointments. These sessions can be 1-2-1 or completed in a group.

We offer particular support for SEND students. The aim is to provide activities and events that meet the needs of the individual students. We offer independent and impartial careers guidance to support career and option choices, raising the aspirations of individual students and equipping them with the necessary skills, attitudes, knowledge and understanding.

Our careers programme - a summary

Below is a summary of our careers programme for all years. The programme will be updated during the year. If you require further information on our programmes, please contact Ms Harrowell at or on 020 8320 4800.



Type of Activity

Provider Access

All year

Assembly programme – all years

Labour market trends

Raising aspirations



All year

Tutor time programme – all years

As part of the tutor time programme (taught by tutors during the week) students cover a variety of careers related key skills such as:

  • Listening and presenting
  • Problem solving
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Creativity
  • How their curriculum links to their careers
  • Employability

Tutor time programme


All year

Sixth Form assembly programme

  • UCAS
  • Employability skills
  • The world of work
  • Labour market trends
  • Aspirations
  • First impressions


Assistant Principal for Sixth Form

All year

Careers interviews

Students identified as in need and/or students put forward by tutors have ‘early action planning’ careers meetings, setting targets for Key Stage 4 and beginning to think about work experience.

Careers advisor interviews

Federation Advisor

All year

Personal Careers Guidance – All Years

Every Monday and Tuesday break and lunch time, pupils are able to visit the careers advisor for a drop-in session. These have been very popular.

Personal guidance

Federation Advisor

September 2019

Careers Student Survey – ‘Who Am I?’

Students answer questions about what they are interested in, to inform the careers programme for the year ahead. Years 7-13

Careers baseline questionnaire


September 2019

Year 8 – Be an Entrepreneur

Year 10 – Curriculum; pathway types and HE institution types, with case studies

Thematic Day


December 2019

Year 8 (A band) – Employability skills

Year 10 – Coca Cola business trip

Year 12 – University visit

Thematic Day

Internal and External

January 2020

Year 7 (A band) – Careers workshops interviews skills, STEM careers, workplace skills, career options

Year 8 (B band) - Employability skills

Year 11 – Amazon workplace visit

Year 12 & 13 (Business students) – Bank of England

Thematic Day

Internal and External

February 2020

HGA Careers Fair

Information Evening

External providers

March 2020


Year 7 (B band) – Careers workshops interviews skills, STEM careers, workplace skills, career options

Year 9 – Entrepreneurship and Apprenticeships

Year 10 – How much can I earn?

Year 11 – Careers in STEM; HE pathways and choosing a career for me

Thematic Day

Internal and External

May 2020

Year 7 (Band B) – Careers speaker

Thematic Day


June 2020

Year 7 (Band A) – Careers speaker

Thematic Day


Strong student aspirations

Through a student survey we asked students to express their aspirations. We asked what their dream job would be. Their answers provide strong evidence which supports our vision that our students are driven and ambitious.

  • “I want to be a special effects makeup artist, including hair and costume design for west-end shows”. Fauve, Year 10 
  • “If I had a dream job, I would want to be a teacher or nurse because I love little children and teaching. Also, I would like to be a nurse because I want to help the injured and work hard”. Yeasmin, Year 7
  • “I would like to work as an animator/stop motion animator for Bethel or be working full-time at Bethel." Seth, Year 7
  • “I would like to become an astronomer”. Iqra, Year 8
  • “My dream job would be a business manager." Peter, Year 9

This disgram shows which industries our students said they would like to work in, and clearly illustrates a wide range of aspirations.

Careers 1

Our students are successful, caring citizens, with 97% saying they would care for others.

Our SEN students also expressed their aspirations (see diagram below). They expressed a keen interest in engineering, ICT, the police, fashion and sport. The career team will be working with external providers to support the aspirations of our SEN students.         

Careers 4

Evaluation of the careers programme, student voice and pupil impact

All of our events are evaluated by pupils in some way, either verbally or through a formal evaluation procedure. For example, after our careers fair in February 2019, pupils were given an evaluation form to complete where they could provide feedback on the evening. This data was then collated and analysed so that we can improve next year’s event. Student voice is extremely important to us in the academy and all suggestions are considered as ways to improve the pupils experience.

85% of pupils that attended our careers fair in February 2019 agreed that the event helped them in choosing their future career, and 97% of pupils would recommend the event to younger pupils for next year. Next year pupils would like to have more of the interactive workshops, as well as more leaflets for them to take away.

Careers booklets will be given to all pupils starting in September 2019 as a method of tracking their career progression throughout their time at the academy. All one-to-one interviews with our Level 7 trained Careers Advisor are logged and tracked, as well as their destinations data being kept up to date.

Year 10 higher education booklet

Year 11 higher education booklet

Labour market trends

We believe that young people need access to up-to-date careers and labour market information as it is important for social mobility. Many pupils have high aspirations but are unaware of how to plan for succeeding with them. Therefore, we provide information, guidance and explicit teaching of:

  • employability skills, career pathways and progression routes in the local labour market
  • job applications and interviews
  • educational institutions, courses, qualifications, entry requirements and costs
  • employment sectors, employers, jobs, salaries and employment trends
  • jobs, training and apprenticeships
  • financial planning

We also use published material on specific employment sectors to give students an understanding of that sector, such as this BBC briefing on housing, which includes information on construction trends. Up-to-date labour market information can be found of the government’s website at:


The information, advice and guidance we give our students helps them with the transition from Year 11 to Post 16.  Destinations data for our 2018/19 cohort are given below.

Year 11 cohort - 2019 leavers

  • Staying in education or training 94.6%
  • Apprenticeship 3.4%
  • Activity not captured in the data 1.4%
  • NEET 0.6%

Year 13 cohort - 2019 leavers

  • Employment 15.8%
  • Staying in education or training 78.9%
  • Apprenticeship 5.3%
  • Activity not captured in the data 0%

Access to external providers/speakers

We welcome outside speakers and organisations to contribute to our careers programme. An organisation wishing to request access should contact Youlande Harrowell on 020 8320 4800 or Requests will be considered in line with our visiting speaker procedure within our safeguarding policy, and also by our provider access policy. Both policies can be downloaded from our safeguarding page.

Harris Careers Education