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The competition is heating up in Battle of the Bookworms. Taking place NOW. May the odds be ever in your favour! Find out more...


The stage is set for our Battle of the Bookworms final after school today. £250 to the winners of our literary quiz! Come and watch... Good luck to our six finalist teams: Active Readers; Hopes and Dreams; All Tea All Shade; Les Petty’s; Homophones; and To Read or Not to Read.


So much talent at our Summer Soirée last night... Thank you to the students, teachers and parents that supported the wonderful performances.


Thank you for bringing in your instruments and showing us the different families. We love working together with to help bring music to students


Berlin travel update. Students are crossing from Calais to Dover now, estimated to arrive back at the Academy at 10.15-10.30pm. The secondary car park will be open half an hour before where parents can wait for the coaches, which will pull into the secondary car park. Thank you.


Our Year 10 Berlin trip students are now on a replacement coach and heading to Calais from Germany, following the break down of our bus. We'll give you an updated time of arrival as soon as we can. All students fine and in good spirits!


More pics from days 3 and 4 of our Year 10 to Berlin


Year 10 Berlin Trip return. Due to a mechanical fault on the bus the students are currently delayed in western Germany. We are waiting for a replacement bus but everyone is well and in fine spirits! We will message again with a revised ETA in the UK asap.


Pics from day 2 of our Year 10 Berlin trip are at The focus of today has been resistance and terror in Nazi Germany, including a moving visit to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp.


Year 10 are on their way to Berlin! More pics and reports at


Get the latest news from Harris Garrard Academy. Our July 2018 newsletter is at


The heats of our 2018 Battle of the Competition take place after school in the drama hall, 10-12 July. 16 teams competing to answer questions on their favourite . Find out more


Read this week's Primary Newsletter, with loads of news and useful info for parents. Year 6 have been learning about Ancient Greece and making their own Grecian pots! Read this week's newsletter at


Look at our amazing catering team supporting England whilst serving St. George cakes and a tasty roast!


A fitting end to our year 12 English tour, attempting the quick crossword on the journey back to the academy. Thanks to and for their historical and literary marvels.


Our Year 12 students have just finished their -themed tour at . Thank you for having us!


Year 12 literary tour of London begins at the Treasures of the exhibition. Highlight so far: Bronte’s handwriting, which is microscopic!


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is the theme of the latest issue of our student periodical, The Whole Shebang, just published today! Includes fantastic about the high seas by primary students . Download your free copy now


Billie and Peter have entered our Creative Writing Competition. And you can too! Open to all students... Find out more at Closing date 29 June 2018


'Life and learning should be a festival of the mind,' Socrates. Welcome to Ms Price from , pet therapy dog Monty and who are here to deliver the exciting Amazing Brains project - encompassing the wonders of comedy with the foundations of science!

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Posted on May 17th 2018

Data and Privacy - Message for Parents

Dear Parent / Carer

In light of the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into effect on 25 May 2018, I would like to take this opportunity to stress how important we consider the privacy of our students, their parents/carers, our staff, governors and any other person carrying out activities on behalf of the Academy. 

As I’m sure you are aware the collection, use and retention of personal data has come under intense scrutiny in recent weeks, most markedly with Facebook’s mishandling of some of its users’ data.  GDPR is going to go some way to ensure such scenarios don’t happen again, as the new regulation will force organisations to fundamentally change the way they process and handle data. It will have a far reaching impact and will apply to all organisations, big and small, including Academies such as ours. It is our responsibility, therefore, to ensure that the personal data we collect on your child/ward is being used fairly and lawfully, is accurate, is kept secure and is retained for no longer than is necessary.

We want to be totally transparent with you with regards how we use your child/ward’s data and as such we have updated our privacy notices, including a bespoke one for Parents and Carers.  You can access this at the following but I’m also detailing a few headlines below:

Why do we keep personal data about our students?  We collect and use your child/ward’s personal data for a range of reasons, but will only collect it where the law allows us to. The main reasons for collecting your child/ward’s personal data is to enable us to provide outstanding education, which is in the public interest, and to comply with various legal obligations - many of which are laid down by the government’s Department of Education. 

Who do we share personal data with?  We share your child/ward’s data with various organisations such as the Local Authority, Department for Education and also third parties who supply us services, such as our Academy caterers for example.  We will only do so, though, if the law or our policies allow us to; where this is not the case we will approach you or your child/ward for consent. 

How long do we keep personal data for?  We will keep personal data about your child/ward while they are attending our Academy. We will also keep it beyond their attendance if this is necessary in order to comply with our legal obligations.  There are set guidelines on how long data can be held and we will not retain it for longer than necessary.

In summary, the privacy of your child/ward is very important to us and our Academy’s aim is to:

  • Regulate - collect only what we need, use it for the purpose it was collected and not keep it for longer than necessary.
  • Restrict - limit access to those who need it and keep it secure by a combination of improved technical protection measures and personal handling behaviours.
  • Respect - be clear with staff, students, parents/carers and other key individuals how we collect, store, share and use their personal data.

I appreciate some of you may find the recent focus on personal data a bit overwhelming, but I want to reassure you that the staff at our Academy will be absolutely scrupulous when is it comes to the handling, storage and deletion of your child/wards personal.

Yours faithfully

Mr Chris Everitt

Executive Principal