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📚✏️ Even on a Saturday, over 120 of our dedicated students showed up to hit the books! We're incredibly proud of their hard work and determination. Keep shining! 💪👏


Year 11 aced their maths walking talking mock with Mr Sadiq this Saturday! 🧠💯 They tackled high-mark questions, got expert feedback, and leveled up their exam skills. 📚✨ Couldn't be prouder of this hardworking crew - they're ready to crush the GCSE! 🙌


Year 10 students rocked their Rise workshop today with ! 🌟 They completed challenges to work collaboratively, develop problem-solving and teamwork skills, and gain work experience. 💼🧠💡


Fasten your seatbelts 🛂 Year 11, we're about to take off! 🛫 Hoping for a smooth flight ✈️ and successful departure! 🛬


🏆 Year 9 boys football team 🥅 through to Harris Cup semi-final! 🔥 Determined to retain trophy after thrilling 6-5 win! 🙌 Player of the match Chetam scores winner! 🏃‍♂️ Great team effort and resilience! 🏆


Saddle up for an unforgettable day at the British Racing School! 🏇 took us on a thrilling journey, revealing the secrets of horse care and the paths to becoming a champion jockey. 🏆 Hooves thundering, hearts racing - an experience we'll never forget! 🐎


🌟 Our amazing pupils showcased incredible 'Character (to)day' diving into a variety of topics & activities! 🚀 Year 7s showed immense Courageous Advocacy, delving into Bee habitats and acing the Big School litter pick! 🐝🗑️


Ahoy there! ⚓️ The Year 9 crew from HGA set sail today for the Maritime Museum in Greenwich. 🌊 Anchors aweigh for a character-filled adventure on the high seas! ⛵️🌟


🏐🎉 Incredible news! Our year 8 netball team has smashed their way to the Harris Cup semi-finals! 🌟👏 Big shoutout to our amazing players, especially the year 7 stars shining bright! 🌟✨ Let's cheer them on as they face ! 🙌


🚀 Kicking off Creative Careers 2024! 🎨 Students are diving into a world of possibilities, exploring diverse pathways in the creative industry. 📸#CreativeCareers2024


We are officially 8th best school in London for Indoor Athletics!This week, our primary team took part in the SHA finals. The team, who represented competed against the 11 other best boroughs in London. Huge congrats to our students and


🌟 Thrilled to share moments from the Speak Out Regional Final! 🎤 Megan Farr and May Mbabazi shone brightly, representing Harris Garrard Academy with their powerful voices. A celebration of young talent and the magic of expression. ✨


Off to the we go, with Year 8 in tow, to witness love's timeless tale in a contemporary glow. Thanks to ’s generous sponsorship, Shakespeare's words will leap and dip. 🎭💔



📚✨ The halls of HGA have transformed into a literary wonderland as our secondary staff channel their inner bookworms, dressing up as their favorite book characters! From the whimsical to the wicked, can you guess the characters? 📸🎭


The yr5/6 Netball final took place between today.Both teams have done exceptionally well to reach the final & were undefeated in their league so we knew we were in for a close game


The yr5/6 Netball final took place between today.Both teams have done exceptionally well to reach the final & were undefeated in their league so we knew we were in for a close game


Just wrapped up another fantastic week at HGA, proving that even when the skies open up, we find our pot of gold in the learning of our students. 🌈


HGA Sixth Formers' visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau was a powerful reminder of history's darkest chapters. Their solemn reflections will echo in our hearts and history classes.


Excited to kick off day 1 of the Y12 Biology Residential! 🌿 Stay tuned for updates, insights, and all the fascinating discoveries we'll make together!

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Posted on November 8th 2018

Our New Community Code of Conduct - What Does it Mean?

Head of Academy Dan Smith on why Harris Garrard Academy is introducing a Community Code of Conduct. 

HG098We are very proud that the academy’s reputation continues to grow in the local community. I regularly receive letters of praise and commendation from local residents. These often comment on the politeness and helpfulness of our students and how smart they look in their uniforms.

We had unprecedented interest in our Open Events before half term, with over 700 people visiting the academy. Furthermore, the recently published Key Stage 4 performance tables show that Harris Garrard Academy is the highest performing non-selective academy in Bexley and outperforms other local academies by some margin.

We are always looking for ways to further improve and develop our links with the local community. This term we are launching our Community Code of Conduct. This outlines the expectations that we have of our students when they are:

  • taking part in any academy-organised or academy-related activity, or
  • travelling to or from the academy, or
  • wearing academy uniform, or
  • in some other way identifiable as a pupil at the academy.

Guidance from the Department for Education (DFE-00023-2014) makes clear that academies have the right to discipline students for misbehaviour outside of the academy whenever the above conditions apply. Furthermore, academies may discipline students for misbehaviour at any time, whether or not the conditions above apply, if it:

  • could have repercussions for the orderly running of the academy, or
  • poses a threat to another pupil or member of the public, or
  • could adversely affect the reputation of the academy.

Our Community Code of Conduct can be found below. Please take time to read it with your child and to explain its importance.  At the academy, we say that ‘Character is Key’. We already expect our students to conduct themselves exemplarily when they are in the academy, demonstrating Harris Manners and conducting themselves with courtesy and respect. I am sure that you will want to support our students in further developing their good character, by practising it in our local community.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. D Smith

Head of Academy

Our Community Code of Conduct

  • Wear your full academy uniform with pride on the way to and from the academy.
  • Be mindful of the language that you use and of the volume of your voices.
  • Cross the road safely. Always use the crossing and wait for the green man.
  • Queue in single file at bus stops and outside shops. Allow members of the public onto buses first. Give up your seat to the elderly or people who need it.
  • Walk in no more than double file. Be careful not to block the pavements. 
  • Respect the environment. Don’t drop litter.
  • Ride bicycles safely and sensibly. Do not ride them on public walkways.
  • Do not congregate in public areas before school. This includes in parks, outside shops or on estates. You should head straight to the academy from home.
  • Do not congregate in public areas after school. If you want to play out with your friends, go home first and get changed out of your academy uniform first.
  • Show your normal respect to teachers when you see them outside of the academy. Say “good morning” or “goodbye”.  Follow instructions, first time and without complaint.