First day back and year 11 are already stuck into a waking talking mock for English!


Our year 12s spent Wednesday evening exploring their future options


Exciting scenes at our Knowledge Maestro competition today. Congratulations to the Enterprise and World Studies hubs for being victorious!


Our Sixth Form is proud to announce its first cohort of students, who will complete their Bronze Awards by the end of the Summer Term. Find out more at


From Rudolf Hess to Lady Jane Grey. Year 5 have been learning about famous prisoners in the . This lovely writing is by Debbie. Great drawing too. Loads more great learning for our primary phase students at


In Reception Class this week we have been focusing on our topic . Ilyas is writing a list of picnic food he needs to take to the moon. Vital! And Renee is writing 'rocket sentences' in speech bubbles. Loads more at


About to board the mini bus to make our way to the Cory Riverside Energy planet where London’s waste is processed!


Hi from has come in to help us learn about the 3Rs!


Year 10 enjoying a production by today - always a delight to welcome people in!


Ase delivering her speech this evening at the 'Speak Out' regional finals at St Catherine's! She smashed it! We are so proud of her.


Year 4 are learning about different denominations at in Thamesmead. We can’t wait to see their writing after this visit!


So proud of Arsens and Dzuljeta who represented our school at the British Schools Championships in Sheffield last weekend. Arsens is now British Schools Champion in his age and weight category. So proud of them both. Full story


Year 5 have had a fantastic time at the ⁦⁩ today! The perfect trip to enrich our learning in the topic ‘Crime and Punishment’ ⁦


🎵 Choir rehearsal under way! Note for parents: as you look at the stage we are sat on the top left!


Desperately trying to find out how many bananas you can fit in one shipping container (it’s 48,000)! 🍌🍌


The HGA choir are enjoying brunch in the sun before going in for their rehearsals for tonight’s performance


Walking through Greenwich Park on our way to the National Maritime Museum!


Mr Taylor is talking about healthy and unhealthy food in reception class today. We said that it’s ok to have some sweets or cakes sometimes but not all of the time!


Ms Biosah was given a very special gift by students at Club yesterday. This beautiful paper rose showed very impressive skills and great too.


Retweetd From Bexley School Games

Another great afternoon for the 2nd Festival. Thanks again to for ensuring the girls had a fantastic afternoon learning new skills & having fun

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Posted on November 8th 2018

Our New Community Code of Conduct - What Does it Mean?

Head of Academy Dan Smith on why Harris Garrard Academy is introducing a Community Code of Conduct. 

HG098We are very proud that the academy’s reputation continues to grow in the local community. I regularly receive letters of praise and commendation from local residents. These often comment on the politeness and helpfulness of our students and how smart they look in their uniforms.

We had unprecedented interest in our Open Events before half term, with over 700 people visiting the academy. Furthermore, the recently published Key Stage 4 performance tables show that Harris Garrard Academy is the highest performing non-selective academy in Bexley and outperforms other local academies by some margin.

We are always looking for ways to further improve and develop our links with the local community. This term we are launching our Community Code of Conduct. This outlines the expectations that we have of our students when they are:

  • taking part in any academy-organised or academy-related activity, or
  • travelling to or from the academy, or
  • wearing academy uniform, or
  • in some other way identifiable as a pupil at the academy.

Guidance from the Department for Education (DFE-00023-2014) makes clear that academies have the right to discipline students for misbehaviour outside of the academy whenever the above conditions apply. Furthermore, academies may discipline students for misbehaviour at any time, whether or not the conditions above apply, if it:

  • could have repercussions for the orderly running of the academy, or
  • poses a threat to another pupil or member of the public, or
  • could adversely affect the reputation of the academy.

Our Community Code of Conduct can be found below. Please take time to read it with your child and to explain its importance.  At the academy, we say that ‘Character is Key’. We already expect our students to conduct themselves exemplarily when they are in the academy, demonstrating Harris Manners and conducting themselves with courtesy and respect. I am sure that you will want to support our students in further developing their good character, by practising it in our local community.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. D Smith

Head of Academy

Our Community Code of Conduct

  • Wear your full academy uniform with pride on the way to and from the academy.
  • Be mindful of the language that you use and of the volume of your voices.
  • Cross the road safely. Always use the crossing and wait for the green man.
  • Queue in single file at bus stops and outside shops. Allow members of the public onto buses first. Give up your seat to the elderly or people who need it.
  • Walk in no more than double file. Be careful not to block the pavements. 
  • Respect the environment. Don’t drop litter.
  • Ride bicycles safely and sensibly. Do not ride them on public walkways.
  • Do not congregate in public areas before school. This includes in parks, outside shops or on estates. You should head straight to the academy from home.
  • Do not congregate in public areas after school. If you want to play out with your friends, go home first and get changed out of your academy uniform first.
  • Show your normal respect to teachers when you see them outside of the academy. Say “good morning” or “goodbye”.  Follow instructions, first time and without complaint.