Find out how Year 4 have been working with our secondary teachers to add depth and challenge to their and lessons in Year 4. at its best!


So much to celebrate at our secondary Academy Awards Evening!! 🎉 🏆 🎊 🥇#dontwishforitworkforit


Year 4 really enjoyed learning about historic costumes, etiquette and dance . They got to make and take home wax candles as well. A great day out and great learning too!


Congrats to our students who competed so well in the Sports Day yesterday. Fantastic day! Special mentions: Samuel (Yr 9), Samuel (Yr 10), Jefferey (Yr 7), AJ (Yr 7), Leoni (Yr 9). But all 27 of our competitors showed great maturity and


Our coaches are on their way back from sports day, but we are experiencing some delays due to traffic. Great efforts from our competitors today - well done!


Come to our 'Listening Ear' drop-in sessions, every Wed (9am to 1pm), from 31st July until 28th Aug. It means we're OPEN during the Summer holidays if you need to speak to someone, meet some staff or just have a chat and a cup of tea! All our families and students very welcome!


Kyle is all prepared for an Antarctic expedition 5/5!!


Here we go again! Year 7 B side at the National Maritime Museum. 🌊 🏛


Mr Mulhere browsing the selection at our secondary book fair! 📚 📖


A fantastic all-through sports day today!! A huge thank you to our wonderful PE staff and all our students. Well done to the victorious hub: Enterprise!


A HUGE well done to our year 7s Amirah, Lacey-Mai and Neha for their hard work at yesterday’s Spelling Bee hosted by . Thanks for having us!!


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Are you aged 16–21 and looking to develop new skills this summer? The has a new summer programme called Greengross Creatives. Find out more at It looks good! Deadline for applications is 11 July.


Download our latest school newsletter at Primary school success, finalist in Best Secondary School Award, anyone for , studies, where Year 13 are heading to uni... and lots more. Hope you enjoy it!


Best of luck to our year 12s on day two of their expedition. Here they are last week practising putting up (and packing away!) their tents.


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Stuck for ideas on what to read? Check out our summer recommended reading lists for years 7-10. Loads of great books to choose from.


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thank you having Niall come in to visit this morning. We are very excited to see some of your students up in Scotland


What a fantastic day we’ve had! We didn’t make the final, but are proud to have represented at the London Youth Games!


Tense stuff at the Cricket London Youth Games!


First ball of the first over! Let’s go Garrard let’s go!


Arrived via the ferry! Thanks Ms D’Souza for getting us here safely! Harris Garrard representing Bexley at the London youth Games!

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Posted on March 18th 2019

Year 7 Seek Lost Mine of Phandelver (on Tuesdays)

DungeonsOur new Dungeons and Dragons Club, started by Mr Carr in January, is proving a big hit with our students. Mr Carr, himself a recent convert to the game, started the club after a friend suggested his students at Harris Garrard Academy might enjoy the game too.

“Dungeons and Dragons is collaborative story-telling,” said Mr Carr. “The children imagine themselves in a different world and together create the characters, a quest, and tell the story collaboratively as the quest unfolds. It’s really good to see the children getting excited, creating fictional characters and deciding what the characters should do.”

The HGA Dungeons and Dragons Club has created a rolling adventure in which they are together going on a quest to find the lost mine of Phandelver, which in the past was mined for magical content but the whereabouts of which is now forgotten.


Dungeons and Dragons has been around for decades but is undergoing a renaissance at present, partly due to it featuring in the Netflix series Stranger Things. “I think part of the appeal is that it’s non-digital and played with each other people face-to-face,” says Mr Carr. “It used to be thought a bit nerdy but now nerdy is cool!”

“There are no screens – just a dice, a character sheet, and barely even a board. Children are given a profile for their character, such as Goblin, Dwarf or Halfling. The children then flesh out a back-story for their character. It’s really interesting seeing the sorts of characters they create. Some want to stir things up and cause trouble in the story! Others want to be heroes and take on the enemy even against overwhelming odds. Other are more interested in the story and how it’s developing.”

Dungoens 8


The game has a main narrator or Dungeon Master. For our group it’s Zack, Year 7, the only one of the children in the group to have played the game before. “One of the most special moments for me was when Zack was describing a battle scene so vividly that Jennifer, another of the players, asked the group: ‘Can everyone else just picture this in your heads too?’ The whole group agreed they could.”

The pleasure and creativity of story-telling is at the heart of what Dungeons and Dragons is all about. As Seun, Year 7, says: “The best thing about it is being a half dragon who breathes fire.”

Dungeons and Dragons Club takes place in Classroom 241 after school on Tuesdays. Everyone welcome.