We loved Rukiat's poem, "I Am The Black Child", which he wrote for our Black History Month competition. Rukiat, Year 9, won first prize in the writing category. See all the winners at


Well done to Judith, Year 9, for winning 1st place in the art category of our competition. Great drawing and a strong message too. See all the winners at


Today we were proud to stand in silence around our school's wall of poppies to remember those who gave their lives for us, and the importance of peace and unity


The end of another wonderful week of learning at Harris Garrard at the end of the 🌈!


We enjoyed seeing this today... 🌈


Dear students, we hope you have a restful half term from Fri. If you have any emotional concerns or worries over the holiday, remember you can get support from . It’s free, safe and easy to use. Watch the video below to find out more


Announcement Winter PE Kit - A Quick Reminder for Parents


The first of our Days this year takes place on Fri 9th Oct, for years 7-11. Activities on offer include sessions on relaxation, coping strategies, reframing negative thinking and the beauty of being unique! Find out more


Our Virtual Open Day is now live! Meet the Head of Academy, take a tour of our school, and hear from our fantastic students too. It's all at


Nothing like settling into the week with a good book in our wonderful new library.


A selection of our brand new DEAR books - we are so excited for students to start reading these in tutor time!


Find out more about our co-curricular clubs for Year 7 this term, including Japanese, Debate & Mock Trials, Cricket, Maths, History, K-Club, Running, Poetry and more!


We are really looking forward to welcoming all our primary and secondary students back to the academy in September. For the latest details about September reopening (including staggered start dates and times) please visit Thank you and see you soon!


We are delighted to be opening the Academy to all our students in September. For the latest details about September reopening (including staggered start times and dates for our secondary phase) please visit . We look forward to seeing you soon!


Dear parents, uniform orders must be placed with our uniform supplier, Brigade, by 7th Aug to ensure delivery in time for the start of term. Orders placed after the 7th Aug deadline will not delivered until mid/late September. See full ordering details


A final socially distanced assembly was the right way to say a goodbye to our superb staff and students. Some moving onto new adventures and others to return in September for more exciting times at !


Free Young Summer Camp for young children who are eligible for free school meals. Details at


Dear students, don't forget is available all summer. is an online service designed to support your - offering a safe and secure way to access mental health and wellbeing support. Find out more at


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Posted on November 13th 2020

Black History Competition - See Our Winners

We had many excellent entries to our Black History Competition, held during Black History Month in October. Entries included singing from our choir, art, poetry and much more!

Thank you to all those who contributed. We are awarding a certificate and small prize to all entrants to show our appreciation.

It was very hard to pick a winner. But after a very hard decision we divided the winners into two categories: art and written work. And we're pleased to show the winners here.


1st place - Judith, Year 9


2nd place - Sydney-Rose, Year 7


Joint 3rd Place - Bethany, Year 11


Joint 3rd Place - Chloe and Olivia, Year 9


Written work

1st place - Rukiat, Year 9


2nd place - Alexiel


A poem for Black History Month

Somehow humanity has fallen,

Our people have left their hearts,

In search of roots and cultures we have divided ourselves further than intended,

We have sung different tunes to our children

We have preached hate speech to our youths,

And somehow our world has become divided.

As slaves we have been shipped,

Far and beyond horizon we have been taken,

To a nation where our identity was our colour,

No names, no culture, no religion,

We were made to plough the field and tend to cattle,

Made to live as beings lesser than animals.

In chains we were brought up,

Our mouths silent and our lips sew together,

Burnt for speaking out of turn,

Eyes gauged for staring without permission,

Tongue removed for trying,

Physically, mentally and socially we were soundly beaten.

The ancestors bled all that they could,

When humanities showed its ugliest trait,

Our history forever erased by the actions of others,

You may think I speak of a century ago,

That mankind have changed their traits,

That humanity has somehow learned to live and co-exist.

Your naivety is understandable,

Your innocence appreciated,

It is easy to accept a certain lie,

When there are no truths to counter such,

Dare to leave,

Dare to go beyond your home,

And see as humans feel superior,

All because of skin colour.

Dream like Martin, Protest like Angela, Inspire like Louis

Our special display for Black History Month, featuring key figures that children learned about and discussed.

BHM display