These are just tasters of their amazing time! Have a look through our weekly newsletter for more; it comes out every Friday!


Don't worry she'll be home tomorrow!


Victory! A delicious feast prepared for our evacuees for their VE party tonight!


Our year 6 evacuees exploring wartime recipes at Hooke Court!


Dilcy, Year 8, did this fantastic about and and different models of our solar system. She even included her own research sources. Well done, Dilcy! See more examples of out students' great homework at


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. once again had some brilliant results: , Harris St Johns Wood, and had great P8 scores of 0.34, 0.58, 0.89 and 1.27 respectively.


Good morning from Hooke Court! We really enjoyed our woodland walk and code breaking last night.


Year 6 have arrived safe and sound! They saw Stonehenge and lots of sheep on the way! Looking forward to code breaking tonight!


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Our provisional Progress 8 score for 2017-18 is 0.81, which is likely to put us in the top 2% of schools nationally. Amazing! Huge congrats to all our students and teachers ! Read more at


We're really proud that our provisional Progress 8 score is 0.34. This is an amazing achievement by our students and teachers in our first year and is likely to place us in the top 18% of schools nationally. Great work everyone! Read more


Thanks for the shout out Miss D'Souza was very surprised!


Miss D'Souza has been looking forward to this day since the summer! Looking at developing Effective Early Years Practice at HGA!


Year 3 are investigating the different types of soil found on our site. Can you name the equipment we are using?


Parents' Evening is in full flow at HGA! We're also selling tickets for the international evenings too!


Finishing off our day by engineering our future!


Our students are loving exploring space at the Science Museum!


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Very proud to have received the Mayor of London's award for second year in a row - for being in top 5% of schools nationally for the past four years. Well done boys (and teachers!)


Thank you for such an inspirational talk yesterday- we have the power!


We are looking forward to putting these posters on display for the amazing team at HGA. We change lives!


Thank you for being there so early to welcome us all Looking forward to sharing HGA's next set of amazing results next year!

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Posted on April 9th 2018

Healthy Living and More - Academy Day, March 2018

Academy day march 2018 4Once a term we hold an Academy Day, when the normal timetable is suspended so that students can participate in a range of engaging, enriching and educational activities, such as workshops, competitions and visits

Our second Academy Day took place on Wednesday 21 March 2018. Here's a taste of what happened.

Year 7 – Healthy Living workshops, including one with athlete Szandra Szogedi (Olympic Judoka). "My favourite part of the day was the fitness field because everybody used co-operation. They used good skills and we all enjoyed it." "I enjoyed meeting the sport champion and seeing her Olympic medals."

Year 8 – Students visited Tate Modern. "I enjoyed going on the swings [art installation] in the art gallery because they were really fun.  I also enjoyed seeing all the cool artwork."

Year 9 – Police Education Day, including workshops on internet safety, child sexual exploitation, knives, gangs and drugs. These workshops were delivered by our Community Officer and his team from the Metropolitan Police. "I enjoyed learning about weapons with experienced officers.  Learning about their personal experiences as police officers was really interesting." "‘ I enjoyed learning how to protect yourself from going in the wrong direction to prevent bad things from happening to your family."

Year 10 – Natural History Museum Trip. Students enjoyed a walking tour of the museum and participated in a Darwin’s Theory of Evolution workshop. This is closely linked to the study of one of their key texts at English GCSE, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.  

Year 11 – Revision Conference. Students had a personalised timetable to following including special booster sessions for the subjects in which they need most support.

Academy day march 2018 5

Academy day march 2018 9

"It was really fun cooking for the first time, learning the way the economic world works because I didn’t know it before, and yoga was really relaxing." Student, Year 13

Academy day march 2018 6

Academy day march 2018 8

Academy day march 2018 2

Year 7 students pictured with Olympic athlete Szandra Szogedi.

Academy day march 2018 1