Thank you , , , and all the many people who made yesterday's Whittington Course such an success. Raising aspiration through 'behind the scenes' visits in London's financial district. Report and pics at


Retweetd From BJ Education Lawyers

8 shortlisted to find the best secondary school in the UK & we’re thrilled to be sponsors! Congratulations


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So proud of my school and the tireless hard work that the staff put in to make a genuinely positive difference to students’ lives! 🙌🙌


Absolutely delighted to be shortlisted! This is thanks to the hard work from students, staff and parents that support our school. 🤗


We're extremely proud of Judith, Year 7, who won a Literacy Award recently for her entry on the book 'Ruby Tanya'. Judith was presented with her award at Bexley Civic Office in an awards ceremony. Well done, Judith! Read more


8 out of 10 of our chicks have hatched so far and we can’t wait to handle them. Don’t forget to buy your raffle tickets from the office for a chance to name them!


Happy Hatching Day to our first two chicks! Remember to buy a raffle ticket to win a chance to name them! Mr Shephard wants to call one ‘Piri Piri’ but we’re sure you can be more creative!


Our eggs have arrived - we can’t wait to see them hatch!


Really proud of Judith for being chosen as runner-up in the Literacy Awards for her piece inspired by reading Ruby Tanya. Congratulations! Thanks to for organising our entries.


Glad to see others enjoying our Art Gallery space! Thanks to the art team for putting lots of work into updating and maintaining our gallery.


Look at those crowds!! Not that our students were keen to throw wet sponges at members of the Senior Leadership Team... Follow the line to donate to Mr Wheatley’s marathon fund


First day back and year 11 are already stuck into a waking talking mock for English!


Our year 12s spent Wednesday evening exploring their future options


Exciting scenes at our Knowledge Maestro competition today. Congratulations to the Enterprise and World Studies hubs for being victorious!


Our Sixth Form is proud to announce its first cohort of students, who will complete their Bronze Awards by the end of the Summer Term. Find out more at


From Rudolf Hess to Lady Jane Grey. Year 5 have been learning about famous prisoners in the . This lovely writing is by Debbie. Great drawing too. Loads more great learning for our primary phase students at


In Reception Class this week we have been focusing on our topic . Ilyas is writing a list of picnic food he needs to take to the moon. Vital! And Renee is writing 'rocket sentences' in speech bubbles. Loads more at


About to board the mini bus to make our way to the Cory Riverside Energy planet where London’s waste is processed!


Hi from has come in to help us learn about the 3Rs!


Year 10 enjoying a production by today - always a delight to welcome people in!

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Posted on April 9th 2018

Healthy Living and More - Academy Day, March 2018

Academy day march 2018 4Once a term we hold an Academy Day, when the normal timetable is suspended so that students can participate in a range of engaging, enriching and educational activities, such as workshops, competitions and visits

Our second Academy Day took place on Wednesday 21 March 2018. Here's a taste of what happened.

Year 7 – Healthy Living workshops, including one with athlete Szandra Szogedi (Olympic Judoka). "My favourite part of the day was the fitness field because everybody used co-operation. They used good skills and we all enjoyed it." "I enjoyed meeting the sport champion and seeing her Olympic medals."

Year 8 – Students visited Tate Modern. "I enjoyed going on the swings [art installation] in the art gallery because they were really fun.  I also enjoyed seeing all the cool artwork."

Year 9 – Police Education Day, including workshops on internet safety, child sexual exploitation, knives, gangs and drugs. These workshops were delivered by our Community Officer and his team from the Metropolitan Police. "I enjoyed learning about weapons with experienced officers.  Learning about their personal experiences as police officers was really interesting." "‘ I enjoyed learning how to protect yourself from going in the wrong direction to prevent bad things from happening to your family."

Year 10 – Natural History Museum Trip. Students enjoyed a walking tour of the museum and participated in a Darwin’s Theory of Evolution workshop. This is closely linked to the study of one of their key texts at English GCSE, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.  

Year 11 – Revision Conference. Students had a personalised timetable to following including special booster sessions for the subjects in which they need most support.

Academy day march 2018 5

Academy day march 2018 9

"It was really fun cooking for the first time, learning the way the economic world works because I didn’t know it before, and yoga was really relaxing." Student, Year 13

Academy day march 2018 6

Academy day march 2018 8

Academy day march 2018 2

Year 7 students pictured with Olympic athlete Szandra Szogedi.

Academy day march 2018 1