We love this, well done Victor from our Year 3! You're keeping our spirits up!


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J K Rowling has surprised everyone by announcing a new book which she is publishing chapter by chapter on a new website. Completely different to Harry Potter.


"I really enjoyed the fitness workouts. And my 60 minute bike ride, three times a week with my mum." Victor, Year 3 Congrats to Victor and Jashanpreet, winners of our Fitness Diary competition!


A happy Eid Mubarak from our families to yours!


Ms Poolman and Ms Gringeri are filming a school tour for our new year 7s today, so you can have a look around. It will be on our website soon!


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Get involved with breaking a Guinness World Record! Author and illustrator, Rob Biddulph, wants you to take part in the world's biggest online lesson ever. Thursday 21 May 4-4:30pm. Register today!


School nurse, Ms Ward, has put together some helpful information sheets for students on topics such as mental wellbeing, emotional and sexual health, and sleep. Read and download them at


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We love this... head to Roald Dahl's YouTube channel to see a host of film stars reading 'James and the Giant Peach' in instalments from their homes. Chris Hemsworth, Eddie Redmayne, Meryl Streep and many more.


Tune in to another wonderful story time. This week join Mrs Lee for one of her favourite picture books and help us celebrate reading!


Need mental health and wellbeing support? is a safe, confidential support service for all young people in . Counsellors available 12noon to 10pm on weekdays and 6pm to 10 pm at weekends, every day of the year


Bitesize has suggested 7 simple ways we can all show for Mental Health Awareness Week.


Harris Garrard continues its evolution into a secret garden in the heart of London. We are so lucky to have such wonderful spaces for learning.


This week join Mr Sheppard for story time as he shares one of his favourite stories!


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Don’t miss out on some career talks this week. Follow the link below to find out more:


Give a big hand to the winners of our 'Write a Biography' challenge. We asked students to interview a relative or neighbour on the phone, and then write a short biography. Read the fantastic winning entries at


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Introducing our Virtual Cyber School! Head over to to find out how you can get free access to over 200 cyber security challenges with CyberStart Game. Already playing? Your licenses have also been extended so you can keep developing your skills 🎁


today making some beautiful log badges and insect houses. That way they can also during isolation.


Join Mr Butcher for our first Storytime! Nothing beats hearing a story being read aloud and this is one of our favourites! Follow the link to watch now -


Mr Smith has a new independent learning challenge for all our students... Keep a fitness diary! Find out more at


Our and Team, including Kim and Lisa (pictured last year), is working hard to improve and refresh their skills while school is closed, so they can provide even more support to students/families when we reopen. More at

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Return to School - Reception, Year 1, Year 6 - Letter to Parents

Dear Parents

As you would have heard on the news, the Government have announced their intention to reopen schools for certain year groups. This is the text of a letter that has been sent to parents/carers with a child in one of the target year groups, which are Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.

However, this provision will only happen if certain national conditions are met. At the moment, nothing has been shared that tells us when and how this decision on the provision would be communicated.

We are busy planning to be able to make this possible at Harris Garrard, and I thought that the following information may help you. I understand that this is a worrying time for many of you, and that you may have concerns over the safety and well-being of your child; whilst we are all keen to see children back into school, it is crucial that we minimise risk as much as possible.

Arrangements which have been planned are as follows:

  • Your child will be in a group of no more than 15 children, with one teacher and one teaching assistant.
  • They will have a set arrival time so that they can wash their hands prior to arrival in the classroom - there will be markings on the floor so that social distancing can be maintained.
  • They may be taught by a teacher who is not their usual teacher and may be in a classroom which is not their usual classroom.
  • They will not mix with any child in school who is not in this group of 15, nor will they be taught by any teacher or teaching assistant who is not in the group.
  • They will have a set of equipment – pencils, pens etc. – which will be used only by your child.
  • They will have a set seat and place in the classroom and will not move from that place.
  • A one-way system with markings to support social distancing has been put into the academy building.
  • They will have a set playtime and will eat a packed lunch at their seat to avoid mixing with others at break or lunchtime.
  • They will have a set dismissal time so that you do not have to mix with lots of other parents at this time of the day - this means that the times of the day will be different to usual. To avoid children mixing with others, we are asking that one parent or career collects at the end of the day and takes the child straight home. This is also the case for year 6 children.

Should your child become unwell, with a high fever or new persistent cough, please do not send them to school and instead arrange for them to be tested for CV-19. You and your family should self-isolate whilst you await the results. If the results are clear, you will be able to send your child back to school. If the result is positive, then all children in the class and the staff members would be expected to self isolate for 14 days. It is important that should your child become unwell that you arrange for them to be tested, and that you inform the school of their illness.

Should your child become ill at school, I have arranged for a fully staffed first aid room, with suitable PPE for staff. There is a thermometer which can be used which does not require any contact with your child. Your child will be cared for, and you will be asked to collect them immediately to reduce the risk of infection to others.

As you can see, there has been careful thought and consideration to a wide range of issues, and this will have reduced any potential risk. However, it will be your choice to decide whether you wish to send your child to school. There will be no pressure from us to encourage you to send your child to school; you know your child and their personal situation better than anyone. We hope that the information we have shared will help you to make an informed decision. Please let us know your decision by email on by Tuesday 19th May. This will help us with our preparations.

Yours faithfully

Mrs K Magliocco

Senior Executive Primary Principal for All-Through Academies