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🌟 Our amazing pupils showcased incredible 'Character (to)day' diving into a variety of topics & activities! 🚀 Year 7s showed immense Courageous Advocacy, delving into Bee habitats and acing the Big School litter pick! 🐝🗑️


Ahoy there! ⚓️ The Year 9 crew from HGA set sail today for the Maritime Museum in Greenwich. 🌊 Anchors aweigh for a character-filled adventure on the high seas! ⛵️🌟


🏐🎉 Incredible news! Our year 8 netball team has smashed their way to the Harris Cup semi-finals! 🌟👏 Big shoutout to our amazing players, especially the year 7 stars shining bright! 🌟✨ Let's cheer them on as they face ! 🙌


🚀 Kicking off Creative Careers 2024! 🎨 Students are diving into a world of possibilities, exploring diverse pathways in the creative industry. 📸#CreativeCareers2024


We are officially 8th best school in London for Indoor Athletics!This week, our primary team took part in the SHA finals. The team, who represented competed against the 11 other best boroughs in London. Huge congrats to our students and


🌟 Thrilled to share moments from the Speak Out Regional Final! 🎤 Megan Farr and May Mbabazi shone brightly, representing Harris Garrard Academy with their powerful voices. A celebration of young talent and the magic of expression. ✨


Off to the we go, with Year 8 in tow, to witness love's timeless tale in a contemporary glow. Thanks to ’s generous sponsorship, Shakespeare's words will leap and dip. 🎭💔



📚✨ The halls of HGA have transformed into a literary wonderland as our secondary staff channel their inner bookworms, dressing up as their favorite book characters! From the whimsical to the wicked, can you guess the characters? 📸🎭


The yr5/6 Netball final took place between today.Both teams have done exceptionally well to reach the final & were undefeated in their league so we knew we were in for a close game


The yr5/6 Netball final took place between today.Both teams have done exceptionally well to reach the final & were undefeated in their league so we knew we were in for a close game


Just wrapped up another fantastic week at HGA, proving that even when the skies open up, we find our pot of gold in the learning of our students. 🌈


HGA Sixth Formers' visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau was a powerful reminder of history's darkest chapters. Their solemn reflections will echo in our hearts and history classes.


Excited to kick off day 1 of the Y12 Biology Residential! 🌿 Stay tuned for updates, insights, and all the fascinating discoveries we'll make together!


We're looking forward to National Careers Week, 4th-9th March 2024. We will be using the many resources available, such as a virtual careers fair, films, talks and booklets to inspire our students about their future options and pathways.


🎉 What an inspiring afternoon at our Careers Fair! Students explored a world of opportunities with leading employers, colleges, and universities. Their futures look bright! 🌟 Check out the highlights 📸


Congratulations to everyone you have done yourselves, your school and your Borough proud


Congratulations to everyone you have done yourselves, your school and your Borough proud


We are officially through to the Sports hall finals. We finished inside the top 3 of todays qualifier and now will be one of 12 schools in the grand finals on the 19th March! This is the first time in the 3 years we have achieved this!


We have officially arrived at for the indoor sports athletics London finals representing to team Let’s go Garrard!!

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Year 12 Apprentice Event

The Year 12 Apprentice event is run each year and provides students in Year 12 with the opportunity to work in small groups, on a real brief, delivered by employees at a Fortune 500 company.

575px GlaxoSmithKline Logo.svgThis year saw students work on a healthy schools brief, delivered by the world’s sixth largest pharmaceutical company, Glaxo Smith Kline, via video link. Students were tasked with improving the health and well-being of everyone at school, including teachers, students, support staff and even visitors to the school.

The two-day event was intense and after their brief, students had time to conduct research and brainstorm their initial ideas.

Students were provided with real data about the school and the local area, including a survey of all staff and students about their views on healthy living. Students were then taught how to write pitches, write a business plan and how best to visually present their initiatives before presentations had to be submitted between 11.00 and 11.10 on day 2, with time then given to students to practice their group pitches.

All six groups presented brilliantly and the initiatives that Year 12 came up with were as follows:

  • Group 1: An overhaul of the canteen food (a renewed focus on heathy, varied food)
  • Group 2: Sports and fitness clubs (clubs supported by 6th form for lower years)
  • Group 3: Lifelong Learning Initiative (a focus on preparing students with life skills)
  • Group 4: The Buddy System (buddying 6th form students with KS3)
  • Group 5: Harris Wellbeing App (an extension to the existing Harris Federation App)
  • Group 6: Emotional Enhancement Programme (a wellbeing journal and club proposal)

The winners were group 6, with an excellent initiative centred around a wellbeing journal that can then act as a referral to a lunch time wellbeing club, supported by sixth form students. Group 6 will be given an initial investment of £300 to pilot their project, but all of the groups will be asked to further develop their ideas. 

What students said...

Alfie D said: "The Year 12 Apprentice Day is a day I will never forget. It is a day where all its challenging demands and expectations were full of enjoyable and engaging tasks that each highlighted common strengths and weaknesses. I believe that the Apprentice Day helped me realise things about myself, for example, when I was pitching my idea to the teachers and the GlaxoSmithKline representatives, my anxiety and introverted nature seemingly vanished and I was able to successfully deliver the pitch to them. I was also able to answer quick fire questions to a high degree of formality."

Esther N said: "We will be given £300 to implement our idea to help the younger years to have a smooth secondary life experience, which contributes to good mental health. My group and I have the responsibility to continue this and make it work - our teachers believe in us."