“I found that attending the University of Law has helped widen my knowledge on the potential opportunities that universities have for each student," Aleyna, Year 12. Read a report on our Year 12 trip to see the University of Kent today.


Year 9 exploring questions of Equality and Diversity


Year 7’s long walk back to the academy from Lesnes Abbey


Two of our Year 7 students found a display they made in primary school at Greenwich Maritime!


Future Sea Captains from Year 7 trying out their skills in the ship simulator at the National Maritime Museum


One of our Year 7 students preparing to set sail on our Character and Mindfulness Day trip to Greenwich Maritime - Cutty Sark


Vital education for Year 8 on Sexual Harassment on Character and Mindfulness Day


Year 8 exploring careers options with Unifrog on Character and Mindfulness Day


Year 7 exploring local history at Lesnes Abbey on Character and Mindfulness Day


Our Year 9 students exploring Space and Flight at the Science Museum for Character and Mindfulness Day


Aspiring lawyer Qesser, Year 12, exploring the purpose-built court during a visit to the Univeristy of Kent today.


Students in Year 12 on a visit to The University of Kent


Some of our Year 9 coding projects for our third Character and Mindfulness Day


Congratulations to siblings Robiat and Muhammad for both reaching Reward Level 2 - an achievement to be proud of! We pride ourselves on all the academic and social successes of our students – and these siblings embody both.


Sixth Formers Javier, Ola, Lydia, Daniella, Alfie and Esther with a cheque for £250, raised by selling Christmas candy canes for the ocean conservation charity, . Great work!


Important information about the start of term for our secondary students, including arrangements. Full details at


Our head student, Daniella, and Ola (head student of the future??!) sell candy canes to raise money for the ocean conservation charity, , (and some pizza for their Christmas party)


Retweetd From LDNMayor Environment

Excellent blog from on the Mayor's Climate Kick-Start tree planting project at Academy


Amazing turnout for Year 7 and 8 girls football today. Lots of talent on show and some unbelievable moments! It was great to see everyone playing with a smile, while still being very competitive. Congratulations to Enterprise and Creative Voice who came out on top.


Good turnout today for the Year 7 & 8 Boys' inter-hub competition. There was lots of intense games and quality on show today. Congratulations to Enterprise who came out on top today!

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Religious Education

Religious Education aims to teach students about the defining features of all the major world religions, as well as the major secular movements within the public sphere. It also aims to impart to students a confidence to employ ethics and critical thinking in their everyday lives.

Religious Education teaches students to attempt questions that do not have a clear or simple answer. An ability to attack questions with vigour despite the knowledge that they may not find an easy answer is something that breeds character and determination. Coupled with this is the benefit of combatting ignorance and polarised viewpoints through in-depth study of different religions and cultures.

We follow the Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2021-2026 as agreed by the Bexley Standing Advisory Council of Religious Education (SACRE). In KS4 we offer a GCSE in Religious Studies, and for those students who do not choose this option, we deliver timetabled lessons in the mornings. These sessions are delivered by our subject specialist. Click HERE for a map of how we deliver the Bexley Agreed Syllabus to KS4.

For further details of the RE curriculum please contact Nahida Khatun

Full details of the intent, implementation and impact of our English curriculum will be contained in our curriculum plans, downloadable from the bottom of the page.

View/download medium term plans for all subjects. These are up to date as of 1st September 2021. Plans will be refreshed every term.

You can also download Knowledge Organisers for each year group from our Knowledge Organisers page.

Primary Curriculum - RE

RE is like an iceberg. As you unpack ideas, you come to understand a deeper meaning."

Religious Education encourages pupils to learn from different religions, beliefs, values and traditions while challenging and exploring their own beliefs and questions of meaning and to develop their own sense of identity and belonging.

It also enables them to respect the views of others that differ from their own and prepares them for living in a world and local community that is diverse in both culture and belief. (Bexley Sacre 2021)   

There is a high academic ambition for all our pupils to see themselves in their curriculum and this is an intrinsic part of how we share our beliefs and faith. In our RE curriculum, we offer plenty of opportunity for the pupils to put this into practice through visits and visitors, and through artefacts for pupils to experience aspects of each religion. Our aim is that our pupils leave the primary phases with a secure knowledge of how different religions work and how they make up the fabric of our community.  

Miss Kanu, AAP and Primary RE & Culture Lead


Religious Studies is a classical humanities subject, and is respected by universities.

Students who have an understanding of different religions and cultures are sought in the following career paths, amongst others:

  • Journalism
  • Social research
  • Armed forces
  • Charitable organisations and the third sector
  • Police force/Ambulance service
  • Teaching
  • Marketing     

Find out more about the careers programme at Harris Garrard Academy.